When you drive for a living, comfort equates to increased productivity and, therefore, money in your pocket. The HVAC system in your heavy-duty truck works hard to control temperature, keep you comfortable in the cab and handle tasks such as defrosting the windshield on a cold morning - getting you on the road faster.

Your hard-working truck was built with high-performance HVAC components, built to withstand even the most extreme work environments. With proper preventive maintenance such as cleaning your condenser every 12 months, you can drive with confidence knowing that your HVAC components will keep running strong.

But add in factors like contaminated refrigerant oil and lack of preventive maintenance, and your HVAC system could fail. It's important to get your HVAC system checked in three-, six- and 12-month intervals by a technician who can spot potential problems before they start. Your Road Choice retailer’s techs use supplies and equipment that meet Road Choice’s high-performance standards.

Trained technicians make sure you avoid hidden sources of HVAC contamination, such as:

If you need to replace your HVAC components, you'll want parts that are engineered for dependability and peak performance, just like your truck. For example, FLX7 compressors from Sanden® offer a pressure relief valve to guard against abnormal pressure conditions, a field coil diode to prevent electrical damage to the clutch and a heavy-duty clutch bearing to handle higher pressures and loads.

Road Choice offers a broad selection of HVAC Components. For more information or to schedule a service appointment for a complete HVAC system check, call the experts at your nearest Road Choice retailer. You can also order wheels and cleaners online, anytime through PartsASIST™, delivered directly to your doorstep or available will-call at parts pickup.