Batteries used to be easy to spec, but not anymore. Today’s batteries are built for specific purposes and applications. So choosing a battery simply because it has the highest CCA rating won’t necessarily give you all the power you need.

To avoid this problem, you must first consider a vehicle’s electrical needs. Over-the-road haulers and their hotel loads require greater battery capacity than in-town trucks. Construction vehicles that travel rough terrain may need batteries that are vibration-resistant. And the use of 24/7 telematics and communication systems can drain the batteries of any truck in your fleet.

The key to getting the most life – and performance – from a battery is to make sure you know what you’re buying.

Some of the batteries most commonly found in today’s heavy-duty trucks include:

Selecting the right batteries for a truck’s needs – and ensuring that they stay properly changed – helps extend the life of each battery.

An energy audit can help you identify how many amps a truck uses day-to-day. Of course, to properly spec a battery you also must consider a vehicle’s starter and alternator. Together with the batteries, the starter and alternator keep a vehicle’s electrical system working as it should.

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