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Weather is sometimes not your friend, especially to the life expectancy of the electrical components for your truck. Road Choice offers high quality replacement electrical products at a price that respects your budget. A full range of rotating electrical and batteries meet the critical needs and electrical coils and lighting help keep your truck running strong.

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The key components of any vehicle’s electrical system are the battery, starter and alternator, and each has an important job to do. We’ve covered those components in our Road Choice TV series. Check out the episodes to learn more about how to optimize your electrical system with Road Choice products.

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Rotating electrical

With over 95% coverage of heavy- and medium-duty truck models Road Choice provides extensive coverage for your Rotating Electrical needs. Easily find the right match for your truck using our extensive cross-reference e-catalog.

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Road Choice batteries provide premium cranking power to turn over the toughest commercial engines, no matter the make or model. All Road Choice heavy-duty batteries are made in the USA and are covered by an 18-month/unlimited-mile warranty

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Road Choice starters and alternators are engineered to be top-quality. Road Choice offers some of the most popular starter and alternator models on the market, with options for most every truck make, model and load demand.

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