There’s more to cooling an engine than fresh coolant - your cooling system under the hood is critical. Engine overheating is a primary reason owners end up spending thousands of dollars on overhauls or engine replacements - not to mention unnecessary downtime. Keep your engine cool and healthy using Road Choice radiators, charge air coolers and fan clutches.

Optimal Air Flow For Your Truck


Road Choice offers a range of fan clutch components that can be configured to just about any make and model of heavy-duty truck. Our fan clutch kits and components are designed and built to OEM specifications and engineered to help reduce engine noise, increase fuel efficiency and promote effective combustion in all applications. And their quality is backed by an industry-leading nationwide warranty.

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We’ve covered our fan clutches and accessories in our Road Choice TV series. Check out the episodes below to learn more about our fan clutches, repair kits, and how to upgrade your fan clutch with Road Choice parts.




Road Choice Radiators are designed to deliver superior performance and durability in the toughest of conditions and are able to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and extend the life of trucks. Our program offers a full-line of bolt-on, soldered, and PTA radiators. With offerings for the most popular truck models, we have your needs covered.

Road Choice Radiator

Road Choice Charge Air Coolers (CACs) feature brazed-aluminum construction and offer excellent thermal performance and durability. A malfunctioning charge air cooler can affect power output and fuel economy — it can even lead to premature piston, ring, and valve failure. All Road Choice CACs are certified to be 100% leak free to give you confidence on the road.


All of our Road Choice radiators and charge air coolers are covered by a no-hassle 2-year, unlimited mileage, nationwide warranty from date of install.

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Road Choice Charge Air Cooler


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