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  • Road Choice Truck Parts offers a selection of quality, value-priced, accessories designed around the unique requirements of heavy duty trucks. Current Road Choice accessory offerings include: Antennas, Back-up Alarms, Conspicuity Tape/StripsDock Bumpers, Radios and Wheel Chocks.


    Road Choice CB Antennas are built to withstand the toughest environments. All of our antennas are manufactured in the USA, and come pre-tuned and embedded into the base, resulting in better flexibility and longer life.

    Back-Up Alarms

    Road Choice Back-Up Alarms feature heavy-duty, rugged construction made to OEM specs. Waterproof, corrosion-resistant and compact in size, our alarms provide outstanding value and optimum performance when compared to other name brands.

    Conspicuity Tape/Strips

    Road Choice provides you the choice of conspicuity tape or strips– both are highly reflective and meet necessary industry standards and requirements. Strips are universal and compatible with most brackets. Tape is quick and easy to apply, and rolls are available in a variety of colors!

    Dock Bumpers

    No matter the type or application, Road Choice Dock Bumpers offer the ultimate protection for any high-traffic truck dock. Manufactured and molded from fiber-reinforced rubber, our bumpers provide superior strength and impact recovery. All bumpers are pre-drilled for easy installation.


    Road Choice Radios are made specifically with the commercial vehicle driver in mind. Designed to work in the harshest conditions, our heavy-duty construction is meant to withstand the rigorous environment of heavy duty vehicles. Ease-of-use, premium quality and outstanding durability make this radio an excellent choice.

    Wheel Chocks

    Road Choice’s wheel chocks are available in various weights and sizes for your application needs– heavy duty, utility, or off-road vehicles. Made from quality reinforced rubber, our chocks are designed with non-skid bottoms and reinforced handles and bolts, so you can trust Road Choice’s chocks to grip better, ensuring that your truck stays stationary.

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