Worn Clutch? Road Choice Has an Easy Cure.

Worn Clutch? Here’s four easy steps to identify your clutch replacement.
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Worn Clutch? Here’s four easy steps to identify your clutch replacement.

The clutch assembly is integral to the overall transmission and powertrain of your heavy-duty truck. The clutch serves three major functions by transmitting torque, discontinuing the torque transfer during shifting and serving as a drivetrain isolator to protect against high engine vibration.  When the clutch begins to wear, these three basic functions become harder to accomplish and eventually lead to downtime.

Four simple steps to identify your clutch replacement

1. Determine the Input Shaft size – Most are 1.75” or 2”

2. Determine the Clutch diameter – 14” or 15.5” are the most common for the Class 8 market

3. Determine the Flywheel Bore:

  • Bore = 7” – use an 8-spring disc
  • Bore = 8.5” – use a 10-spring disc
  • Bore = 10” – use a 7-spring or 9-spring (Mack specific) disc

4. Identify your Truck engine’s torque rating. The torque rating of the clutch must meet or exceed the torque rating of the engine.


Road Choice has almost all model clutches available today.  Identify your replacement clutch and visit a participating retailer or the SELECT Parts Store™ to purchase your replacement clutch today.

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