Three bright reasons to invest in new lighting

Three bright reasons to invest in new lighting


Upgrading the lighting on your fleet’s vehicles is an expense, but it’s one that often proves to be a wise investment.

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Although the cost of incandescent bulbs is typically lower than LEDs, fleets typically find that they can retrofit their vehicles and trailers for less than $10 a light. And those LEDs offer both short- and long-term benefits over incandescent bulbs.

Here’s why:

  1. They last longer. In general, LED bulbs made for heavy-duty trucks are built to last. That’s especially true for Road Choice® LED light solutions, which last up to 50 times longer than incandescent options on the market.

  2. They use less energy. In your home, LED lights use less electricity, which helps you save money on your power bill. On trucks, they drain less power from the vehicle’s batteries, which means that more power is available for other uses. And because they draw less power, LED lights can also help extend battery life.

  3. They can help you steer clear of “lights out” violations. While defective lighting should easily be identified during pre- and post-trip inspections, it’s not a fool-proof way to prevent light-related CSA violations and fines. In 2017, more than 177,000 CSA violations were issued for defective lighting, no lighting and no reflective devices. That number doesn’t even include headlights, brake lights or tail lights. With new lights, and especially longer-lasting LEDs, you’re less likely to get surprised and cited for a defective light.

Here’s one more benefit of investing in LED lighting – they project a brighter light, which can make vehicles more visible on the highway or jobsite. In addition, the wavelength at which LEDs produce light is within the melatonin suppression zone, which may help reduce drowsiness for drivers.

Save on Lighting with Road Choice

Whether you choose Road Choice LED or incandescent lighting, you can be sure you’re getting high quality at a value price. All Road Choice lighting solutions are built according to best-in-class manufacturing standards and certifications. Plus, they’re manufactured to be compatible with common industry harnesses, making them plug-in-and-go replacements for existing lamps.

Road Choice LED lights are lightweight, feature impact-resistant materials and are sealed using sound waves to keep out water. They are all backed by an unlimited-mile lifetime warranty. If even a single diode fails, the entire light will be replaced by the manufacturer.

Road Choice incandescent lights deliver durability and affordability for just about any lighting need. All Road Choice incandescent lights carry a one-year, unlimited-mile warranty.

To view the full range Road Choice lighting solutions, including the high-style Panelite Millennium series, check out the Road Choice Lighting Catalog. And remember, you can only buy Road Choice LED and incandescent lighting solutions from the SELECT Part Store ™ or through our network of authorized retailers.

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