The initial cost of replacing steel wheels with aluminum wheels can be a big hurdle for owner-operators and fleet managers who are responsible for maintaining a healthy bottom line. If you’re struggling with the decision, think in terms of value rather than price. Road Choice Aluminum Wheels will add value to your vehicles for the life of the equipment, and beyond. Here’s how:

Lighter objects require less force—and less fuel—to move.

Aluminum wheels will reduce truck weight, improving fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, whether your truck is empty or fully loaded.

When your truck is empty: Switching to aluminum wheels can lighten a rig by as much as 30-40 pounds per wheel. The significant reduction in empty truck weight allows you to carry a larger payload and make fewer hauls. Your schedule becomes more efficient, saving both time and money. The Road Choice 40-pound Aluminum Wheel is one of the lightest on the market.

When your truck is loaded with freight: Lighter weight aluminum wheels rotate more easily and improve fuel economy. Road Choice Aluminum Wheels are balanced to rotate smoothly and evenly, reducing fuel consumption and extending the life of your tires.

Upgraded equipment minimizes downtime.

Although they cost less to purchase initially, steel wheels can require frequent rust removal, re-painting and touch-up work, leading to increased downtime and higher costs over the lifetime of the wheel. In contrast, Road Choice Aluminum Wheels feature a rust-resistant shine that stays cleaner longer and provides an upgraded aesthetic for your fleet with minimal maintenance. Cleaning them with soap and water will bring back their shine and keep them looking good. There’s no need to refurbish and refinish Road Choice Aluminum Wheels, so downtime and maintenance costs are reduced, and profitability is increased.

Equipment that runs smoothly lasts longer.

Road Choice Aluminum Wheels are forged in one piece with a process that allows for precise control during manufacturing. This process reduces the likelihood of cavities and uneven finishing, making Road Choice Aluminum Wheels better balanced and up to five times stronger than steel wheels. Built to endure all seasons and road conditions, Road Choice Aluminum Wheels are optimized to provide twice the wheel fatigue life compared to competing 40-pound wheels. Their smooth, even rotation, gives you improved ride quality, less wear on tires and more control at faster highway speeds.

Investing in the future pays off.

The durability and long life of Road Choice Aluminum Wheels add value to your trucks, even when you’re ready to sell them. Industry research shows that trucks equipped with aluminum wheels have a higher trade-in value. The resale value of aluminum wheels can be more than 50% of the original investment as much as 10 years after purchase. Road Choice Aluminum Wheels even hold value through the end of their working lives because they are recyclable. Keeping worn wheels out of landfills conserves resources, reduces pollution and helps the economy.

Although the initial cost is higher, switching to Road Choice Aluminum Wheels can maximize fuel efficiency, minimize downtime for maintenance and substantially decrease your vehicle’s carbon footprint over the life of the wheels. Trust Road Choice Aluminum Wheels to add value to your fleet for the long haul.

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Note: Fleets must understand their payload capacity before choosing wheels. Heavy load applications require higher load ratings. Your Road Choice retailer can get you rolling on the right wheels for your vehicle.