Put the Brakes on CSA Violations with Road Choice® Drums and Shoes

Put the Brakes on CSA Violations with Road Choice® Drums and Shoes

Brakes are one of the most important safety features in a heavy-duty truck driver’s arsenal. You rely on them to protect yourself – and other drivers – from harm on the road. But bad brakes are still one of the items most commonly tagged during roadside inspections, with more than 450,000 brake violations logged in 2017 alone.
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Don’t wait for a Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) inspection – or, worse yet, an accident – to bring your truck’s brake issues to light. Instead, make sure you’ve got a comprehensive preventive maintenance (PM) program in place to help identify and correct potential brake issues before they become dangerous.

Here are some things to watch for during your next PM check.

Wear Issues

While some wear is expected, brake drums should still be inspected regularly to make sure they don’t exceed the maximum allowed diameter. Pay close attention to irregular wear issues, such as cracks between the pilot and bore holes, martensite spots on the brake surface, grooves or scoring in the drum surface, or bent brake foundation components.

When it comes to brake shoes, watch for uneven wear on the edges or ends, excessive wear in the center or linings that have pushed away from the brake shoe. Any of these scenarios can impact a shoe’s performance and significantly impact your ability to stop in an emergency.

Heat Issues

Like wear, some heat is normal in a brake assembly. However, if temperatures exceed the thermal capability of the brake components, damage can occur rapidly in the linings and drums. Fading or performance problems can also be magnified by excessive heat or using the wrong lining for your particular application.

Road Choice Is the Right Choice

When it’s time to replace your brake drums or shoes, choose Road Choice® for premium stopping power at a value price.

Road Choice brake drums are manufactured to meet the toughest requirements of the heavy-duty North American aftermarket and are covered by a one-year warranty. Every Road Choice brake drum is full-cast and machine-balanced to the proper specifications, per industry standards, to reduce vibrations and provide a smooth, steady ride. Road Choice offers drums for front, rear, trailer and RSD-compliant configurations to ensure excellent performance and the safe vehicle operation under all circumstances.

Road Choice also offers a wide selection of high-quality brake linings in seven categories. These include High Value, which provides consistent performance under normal operating conditions in low-to-mid-range temperatures, all the way up to High Performance HP23, which offers premium-grade friction with outstanding wear in high temperatures and demanding applications. From economy-grade frictions to premium high-performance solutions, Road Choice brake linings meet and exceed industry standards.

You can count on Road Choice brake components for value, quality and performance. Learn more and view the full line of brake drums in the Road Choice Brake Drums Catalog. To shop for brakes online, visit the SELECT Part Store ™ or find a Road Choice retailer near you.

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