It’s All Cool with Road Choice® HVAC Components

It’s All Cool with Road Choice® HVAC Components

The official start of summer is one month away. Will your fleet be ready? If you can’t answer that question with a definite “yes,” then it’s time to give every truck in your fleet a thorough HVAC system check.
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To get started, visually inspect these three components for obvious evidence of leaks or damage:

  • The compressor – It’s the compressor’s job to move refrigerant under high pressure, so even small leaks can affect an air conditioner’s performance. When inspecting the compressor, look for rust or signs of an oil leak, which can cause wear and premature failure of the compressor clutch. Another sign of a compressor leak can be felt in the cab. If the A/C system doesn’t blow as cold as it used to or can’t cool the cab, a faulty compressor may be to blame.
  • The condenser Located behind the grille, it’s the most common place for a refrigerant leak to develop. Small leaks can worsen over the winter months thanks to corrosive road salt, which can damage the condenser’s coil. Even if you don’t spot a leak, be sure to inspect the condenser for dirt, dust, paper or bugs, and remove any accumulated materials, since these can trap heat and cause an air conditioning system to overheat.
  • Receiver drier or accumulator – The receiver drier receives and stores refrigerant, which makes it a potential source for refrigerant leaks. Minor leaks usually lead to larger drips, or film buildups near receiver drier fittings or on the component’s underside. Major leaks are more obvious, leaving pools of refrigerant on the pavement. These types of leaks also are more dangerous, as they can empty a vehicle of its refrigerant and lead to permanent A/C system damage.In vehicles with an orifice tube system, the accumulator replaces the receiver drier to trap liquid refrigerant and absorb accumulated moisture, but the leak symptoms are similar, with pools of refrigerant forming on the pavement or in the engine bay.

Unless it’s an on-the-job emergency, don’t waste time trying to repair worn-out HVAC components. Such temporary solutions might just fail on the hottest day of the year. Instead, get the job done right with value-priced Road Choice® components. Road Choice stocks more than 4,000 HVAC parts, which means it’s the only place you need to go to meet your fleet’s HVAC needs.


Road Choice offers in-demand HVAC components for all truck makes and models. Our full line of HVAC components includes high-quality compressors, condensers, receiver driers, accumulators, expansion valves, evaporators, suction lines and cabin air filters.

You can search on the Road Choice website to find specific components by name, part number or description. Or use the Road Choice HVAC catalog to look up part numbers, images and OE-equivalent information by vehicle manufacturer.

And remember, Road Choice HVAC parts are only available online from the SELECT Part Store™ or through our network of authorized retailers.

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