Air disc brakes are more resistant to corrosion than drum brakes, but they aren’t immune from it. In fact, broken return springs are to blame for more than 50% of all emergency brake failures. And in many cases, those return springs have been weakened by corrosion.

Over time, de-icing chemicals break down the metal springs, which are tightly coiled and compressed by a force in excess of 2,500 pounds. Cycling under those forces, together with corrosion, can cause stress fractures in the metal.

Spring deterioration can easily go unnoticed if a driver isn’t performing brake inspections as recommended, especially if the other brake components continue to work properly. But if worn or corroded springs aren’t addressed, they’ll eventually break apart, sending pieces into the brake chamber’s diaphragms and causing puncture holes that create air leaks – and even brake failure.

Premature brake failure can be avoided by following proper inspection procedures. Make sure that brake chambers are inspected by a qualified technician anytime a vehicle is in for scheduled maintenance, and train drivers to properly inspect the brakes on their vehicles. If corroded springs are spotted, the best and safest choice is to replace the entire brake chamber with an all-new, OEM-quality component such as Road Choice® brake chambers.

Road Choice brake chambers deliver outstanding value and a reduced cost per mile with features that include:

Plus, each Road Choice brake chamber is backed by a powerful three-year, 300,000-mile warranty.

For All Makes and Models

Road Choice offers a full line of brake chambers for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, tractors, trailers and buses that are equipped with air brake systems and parking brakes that are held by mechanical force.

You can find the full line of Road Choice brake chambers and piggyback replacements in the Road Choice Brake Chamber Catalog.The website search gives you an easy way to find other components needed to complete an air brake repair, such as air brake hoses, manual or automatic adjusters, and relay and quick-release valves.

Road Choice brake chambers can be purchased online from PartASIST™ or through our network of more than 600 North American retailers.