Get Ahead of the Curve with Road Choice® Air Disc Brakes & Pads

Get Ahead of the Curve with Road Choice® Air Disc Brakes & Pads


With improved safety, durability and overall performance, air disc brakes can generate significant savings and help keep your business on track—but your brakes are only as good as the parts that make them work.

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How do you know when it’s time for maintenance on your air disc brakes? The miles you’ve traveled and your service record will dictate when you should replace your air disc brake components. A trained service technician can check your disc pad thickness, the condition of your rotors and your caliper performance and recommend a maintenance schedule. Ahead of the curve

If you’re due for maintenance or a replacement, Road Choice lets you invest in quality all-makes parts without breaking the bank. Engineered for high-torque stopping power, all Road Choice air disc brake parts and kits are built to OEM standards and backed by a one-year warranty.

Road Choice air disc brakes and components offer many advantages over drum brakes.

  • Faster stops. Air disc brakes have a consistent braking force that helps stop a vehicle 25-30 feet sooner than traditional drum brakes.
  • Less downtime. With fewer parts to remove, the average time to replace air disc brake pads is shorter than replacing brake drum shoes.
  • Safety first. Air disc brakes deliver exceptional balance and braking power that meets all FMVSS-121 requirements.
  • Longer lifespan. The average lifespan for Road Choice air disc brake pads and rotors is over 500,000 miles for a long-haul tractor, and even longer for a trailer.
  • Quicker inspections. With fewer external checkpoints, a wheels-on inspection of air disc brakes takes less time, which can be critical if you’re on a tight delivery schedule.

Additionally, Road Choice all-makes air disc brake pads are 100% free of asbestos and manufactured with friction that already meets Level N 2025 copper standards (less than 0.5% copper by weight). By meeting future standards today, your choice of pads doesn’t have to change down the road, so you can buy with confidence.

High performance, high value.

The brake retardation testing and wear testing charts below show how Road Choice air disc brake pad performance compares with competitor performance and industry standards.

Brake Retardation

Total Pad Wear

Road Choice performance was proven when tested using a standard 18” chamber, which is typical for line haul and trailer applications.

Bendix SN7/SB7 VBX1203
Meritor EX+H VME1311
Bendix ADB22X/SK7 VBX1369
Wabco Pan 19 VWB1438
Wabco Pan 17 VWB1518
Wabco Pan 22 VWB1777

*We are committed to bringing additional applications to the Road Choice all-makes offering and expanding available products.

When it’s time to replace parts on your vehicle, make the right choice with Road Choice.

  • Over 40 product lines to serve the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket
  • More than 500 retail locations across the United States and Canada
  • 24/7/365: Order parts online any time through the SELECT Part Store™
  • Two delivery options: directly to your doorstep or will-call part pickup

Road Choice serves a variety of heavy-duty markets, including trailer, transit, refuse and line haul, with all-makes parts that are designed to deliver quality and value that keeps you ahead of your competition.

Learn more about air disc brake maintenance and pad replacement in Road Choice TV Episode 11: How to Install Air Disc Brake Pads.

Find Road Choice parts at more than 500 retailers across the United States and Canada.