As your trusted partner in providing top-quality products, we want to help you prepare for Brake Safety Week in August. This article outlines why Road Choice Automatic Slack Adjusters (ASAs) are a great option to ensure your brakes are in full working condition for any inspection.

Versatile Compatibility:

Road Choice ASAs have been carefully engineered to seamlessly replace the most popular slack adjuster designs on the market, including Haldex, Accuride/Gunite, Stemco/Crewson, and Bendix. This compatibility means that these ASAs integrate seamlessly into existing braking systems, minimizing installation hassle.

Quality and Value:

Crafted from high-grade materials and tested to meet the rigorous durability standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Road Choice ASAs provide exceptional quality and value. Choose a reliable and cost-effective solution that will positively impact operations.

Safety First:

Safety is always a top concern. Road Choice ASAs are designed with safety as a priority. With precision machining and heat treatment, these ASAs ensure reliable performance, which maintain vehicle safety and reduce potential risks on the road.

Enhanced Uptime:

Downtime is costly and disruptive. Choose a product that's built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. With improved durability and reliability, these ASAs help minimize unexpected breakdowns and keep their vehicles on the road, increasing uptime.

Road Choice is known for standing behind its products. Each Road Choice ASA comes with an impressive one-year/unlimited miles warranty, showcasing our commitment to quality and the long-lasting performance of our products.

For more information or to schedule a service appointment at your nearest Road Choice retailer today. You can also order a full range of Slack Adjusters online through PartsASIST. Log on today for immediate stock checks, easy parts ordering and fast delivery - often the same day.