Can you trust your fan clutch?

Can you trust your fan clutch?


No matter where they’re installed, all fans have basically the same job – to keep things cool. If a fan in your home isn’t working properly, you’ll feel hot and uncomfortable. But if it’s a radiator fan on an engine that’s running over 200ºF, you’ve got a much bigger problem.

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On a heavy-duty truck, the fan pulls outside air through to the radiator, helping to cool the engine. But it doesn’t run all the time. Instead, the fan clutch controls a switch that operates the fan, turning it off and on as needed to maintain proper engine temperature and ensuring the engine operates at maximum efficiency.

So how can you tell whether a fan is working properly? Listen closely for engine noise. If the fan sounds loud or runs continuously, the fan clutch may be worn or failing. That, in turn, can lead to decreased fuel economy. On the other hand, if the fan seems to never turn on, the clutch has likely already failed. And that can quickly put the engine at risk for overheating and damage.

Both situations are problems you’ll want to address – and soon. And no matter what’s causing a fan-clutch problem, Road Choice® has a solution.

Choose Road Choice for OEM-Quality Fan Clutches

Road Choice offers a range of fan clutch components that can be configured to just about any make and model of heavy-duty truck. You can count on Road Choice for:

  • New and reman fan clutches, including on/off, two-speed and variable-speed drives
  • Kits for complete clutch repairs, or specifically for clutch liner, seal or bearing replacements
  • Fan clutch valves and switches, including temperature switches, and three-way solenoid valves and filter kits

Road Choice fan clutch kits and components are designed and built to OEM standards and specifications. This is important because fan drives that are not designed to OEM specifications often have engagement torque that is far beyond OEM specs, which can lead to drive belt failures.

Road Choice Delivers Reliability for Less

Road Choice fan clutch kits and components are engineered to help reduce engine noise, increase fuel efficiency and promote effective combustion in all applications. And their quality is backed by an industry-leading nationwide warranty.

Learn more and view the full line of Road Choice fan clutches. And remember, you can only buy Road Choice fan clutch kits and components online through the SELECT Part Store ™ or at an authorized retail location.

Find Road Choice parts at more than 500 retailers across the United States and Canada.