It only takes about 30 minutes for the temperature inside your cab to climb 30-35 degrees higher than the temperature outside—even on a comfortable 70-degree day. And on those summer days when the temperature outside reaches the 90s or higher, getting into your truck can feel like stepping into a hot oven.

The only way to combat the heat and make the summer months bearable is by cranking up your air conditioning system. But what if it’s just not working?

Worn or damaged components can keep your A/C system – and your engine – from operating efficiently and effectively. The easiest way to make sure your A/C system is in good working order is to simply turn it on. If the A/C system can’t cool the cab to a comfortable temperature, your compressor may be failing.

Heart of the HVAC System

The compressor operates as a pump to circulate the refrigerant and to increase the refrigerant pressure in your truck’s HVAC system. Road Choice® Super Heavy-Duty (SHD) compressors are designed with innovative features that ensure smooth, dependable operation, no matter what make or model you’re driving:

Road Choice SHD Compressors are durable and have an extended service life, so you stay cool and comfortable for the long haul.

Did you know?_ All A/C system repair that includes compressor replacement should also include a new condenser and receiver drier. Your Road Choice Retailer can help you find the HVAC parts you need._

Don’t face the long, summer days without adequate A/C. Road Choice offers a wide selection of OEM-quality HVAC compressors and other in-demand HVAC components for nearly all makes and models.

With more than 600 retail locations in North America, Road Choice carries over 50 product lines to serve the heavy duty trucking aftermarket marketplace with reliable parts for all makes and models of trucks. Visit your Road Choice retailer or order your Road Choice parts online any time through PartASIST™.

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